Animated Life Lessons #7: Creativity

Creativity (noun) – the ability to transcend traditional
ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.


“There’s 104 days of summer vacation…” and Phineas and Ferb shows us how to make
the most of them.  Phineas and Ferb are brothers with heads full of fun ideas and the engineering skills to bring those ideas to life.  Every day brings a new plan—the building of a roller coaster through downtown, a reunion of the band at whose concert their parents shared their first kiss, the transformation of their father into an 80s superstar, or the discovery of Klimpaloon, the magical old-timey bathing suit that lives in the Himalayas—and every plan brings a new set of challenges.


Whether it’s the laws of time and space, disputes within their group of friends and co-conspirators, or the antics of their older sister, Candace, the boys always manage to be creative enough to outsmart the obstacle and ensure another memorable day.  As the days pass, the capers and inventions become more and more complex as the boys’
ideas become bigger and bigger, leading to some truly outstanding creations.  And as the boys’ plan become bigger, so does Candace’s desire to bust her brothers and get their mother to see their creation.  It all comes down to who can be more creative in their endeavors, and this leads to a summer filled with fun, frustration, and family.

Candace’s creativity is turned towards getting her brothers caught and proving that she’s not as silly and high-strung as her antics make her seem.  Although her plans aren’t as productive as her brothers’, that doesn’t mean they’re not as elaborate.  Candace usually has a multi-step process to get her mom to see the boys’ invention before they disappear, and the crazier the boys’ work, the crazier Candace’s scheme to bust them.


It’s quite fun to watch what Candace an come up with when she puts her mind to it; she’s every bit as inventive as Phineas and Ferb, and her ability to think outside the box helps her accomplish a lot of tasks.  Unfortunately, she fails in her busting almost every day, although not for a lack of effort on her part.  Outside circumstances, each more unlikely than the next, lead to Candace’s daily defeat, and you can’t help but feel bad for her after all the work she’s put in.  It’s when these outside forces threaten those she loves, though, the Candace’s creativity really shines.  When she works with her brothers and their friends, the things they can create together are more exciting and successful than what they can do alone.  It’s a testament to Candace’s creativity, as well as her determination, that she can improve upon her brothers’ work if called upon, but she can still figure out a way to get them busted while she’s busy doing everything else.  If she were ever to fully put all her focus and effort into a task, she’d be a force to be
reckoned with.


But while Candace creatively crafty, it’s really Phineas and Ferb whose creative endeavors steal the show.  They don’t let anything hold them back from what they want to accomplish—gravity, complexities of time travel, the legality of age when ordering things online—there’s not an obstacle that the pair can’t find a way around or through.  They’re only limited by their imaginations, and it’s clear from the things they decide to do every day that that’s not exactly a limiting factor, either.


Whether they’re just designing a day of fun or helping someone in need, Phineas and Ferb find the most creative way to do it, and although there may be easier ways to get the job done, it’s a guarantee that those won’t be as memorable as whatever way the brothers have planned.  It’s just as much fun to find out what Phineas and Ferb want to create as it is to see the final product, and that stems from the fact that the things they invent are decidedly unique.  There’s no telling where they get most of their ideas from, but their creativity and their ability to actually build or carry out their ideas creates fun for the Tri-State Area—and sometimes the world or even the universe—and the joy they bring to all who experience their work certainly validates their creative spirits and their hard work.


Phineas and Ferb is a show both kids and adults can relate to.  Kids will love all the things the brothers build and the antics of the B-storyline, while adults will remember the joy and sense of  adventure that came with summer’s freedom from school.  There’s really something here for everyone, and, best of all, everyone can agree that Phineas and Ferb are great role models.  They take the initiative and they see things through to the end.  They’re friendly and polite, and they encourage teamwork and cooperation.  They’re safety-conscious and warmhearted, and they have a great sibling relationships and an overall healthy family dynamic.


Most importantly, though, they desire to create, and they never let the opinions or critics or others keep them from creating whatever it is they’ve dreamed up.  Phineas and Ferb are out to make the most of their summer vacation, and they’ve found a fun and inventive way to do it.  Even if their ideas seem impossible, they know they’ve got the skills and the creativity to accomplish anything. 


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