March 2017 Book Releases

I sometimes forget how short a month February is. It’s only missing a few days, but it seems like one second it’s January and the next it’s March. Kentucky weather certainly doesn’t help either; we had summertime temperatures everyday last week, and I was ready to bust out the flip flops!

And to make things worse, all the stores have had their Easter displays up since Valentine’s Day, so then my brain thinks it should already be April.


Suffice to say, I didn’t really realize it was a new month until yesterday,
which is why this didn’t get posted on the first per usual. Granted,
the first round of new releases won’t be out until next week, but I like
to be ahead of the game.

And it’s not kind of me to have forgotten an entire month, especially since there are so many interesting books being released this month.  Frankly, I’m gonna need all 31 days to get in as much reading as possible!

Keep an eye out for these new reads:

Week of March 7:


Week of March 14:


Week of March 21:


Week of March 28:


That’s a wrap! 
Per usual, if you have any books that I missed this month or if you have
any upcoming books you want to make sure get on my radar, let me know.  Otherwise, happy reading, and take advantage of this month!  And don’t feel bad if you get a head start on Easter candy.  Somebody has to try out all those new treats, and sugar goes quite well with a good book.


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