February 2017 Book Releases

Good day, lovelies!  It’s already February, and that means it’s almost Valentine’s Day.


For once, Honey Boo-Boo and I have something in common.  My plans for the holiday include sitting on my couch, eating pizza/chocolate/ice cream as I so desire, and rewatching Miraculous Ladybug now that it’s on Netflix!  A wonderful present, if I do say so myself.

But for those of you with a significant other, you’re probably looking for gifts.  If you’re smart, you’ve already begun thinking about what to get your special guy or girl, but some people work better under pressure, in which case you’ve still got some time. 

Regardless, books always make a wonderful gift, and there are plenty of new releases this month that would be logical choices for any bookworm.  Of course, some of these books won’t be released until after Valentine’s, but that just means you preorder them for your SO so that they can enjoy Valentine’s Day with a gift they really want.  (They may still expect something on the 14th anyway, just to prove you didn’t forget; I suggest chocolate.)

So what books do you have to choose from?  Here’s a handy, dandy list for y’all to see what’s coming out this month:

Week of February 7:


Week of February 14:


Week of February 21:


Week of February 28:


And that’s another month down!  Per usual, if you have any books that I missed this month or if you have any upcoming books you want to make sure get on my radar, let me know.  Otherwise happy reading, and remember there’s no such thing as too much chocolate.


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