January 2017 New Releases

Happy 2017, y’all!


It’s the start of another year, and here’s hoping that this one looks better than the last.  2016 was a bit of a cluster, wasn’t it?  All the fights about politics/the election, all the big name deaths, all the natural disasters and whatnot- hopefully 2017 will calm down a bit and let us relax a bit

And maybe we’ll get more time to sit back and read! This year promises to be a great one for bookworms.  There are a ton of awesome sequels being released and even more new debuts that already have my wallet crying.  So much for that budgeting thing I was trying.

But let’s just focus on this month.  This month is chock-full of great new releases, and I’m excited about starting my Goodreads challenge with these guys.

Week of January 3


Week of January 10


Week of January 17


Week of January 31


And that’s it for January!  I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season and that this year goes well for you.  If there are any releases I’ve missed or any that you’re looking forward to, let me know so I make sure they’re on the list.  Otherwise, keep your fingers crossed for snow days to give everyone time to read.  Happy reading!


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