December 2016 Book Releases

All aboard, ladies and gentlemen!  The end of the year is here, and what a year it has been!  There have been plenty of good and bad things, but I think we can all agree that this has been a great year for book releases.  I’ve read so many great books in the last year, and it’s been nice to have so many awesome fictional worlds to escape to when this one got to be a little too much.  


True story, Stephen Colbert.

But seriously, who doesn’t use books as an escape from time to time?  I’m so grateful for all the wonderful authors out there who have put so much effort and love into their books so that people like me can obsess over enjoy them. The vast majority of my free time is dedicated to reading, and I can already say that my free time over the holidays will be spent reading as well.  I already have quite a large TBR pile for the month, and I’m still adding to it with some of this month’s new releases.  Check out the books that are finding their way to shelves this month:

Week of December 6 & Before:


Week of December 13:


Week of December 27:


Okay, so there aren’t near as many new releases this month as there have been the rest of the year, but that means you have more time to catch up on all the books already in your TBR pile.  And January is already shaping up to book an exciting month for new releases, so make the best of the time you have to put a dent in that stack of books!  Grab yourself a cup of the warm beverage of your choice, cozy up under some blankets, and get reading!


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