Dr. Finch’s 13 Nights of Halloween: Night Seven- Tower of Terror

Release Date: October 26, 1997

Director: D.J. MacHale

Producer: Iain Paterson

Starring: Steve Guttenberg, Kirsten Dunst, Alastair Duncan, Melora Hardin, Michael McShane

Based On: Disney’s The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Running Time: 89 minutes

Where to Watch: –

Yes, it’s a movie based off a ride based off a fake episode of The Twilight Zone, but there’s plenty of unexplored narrative for this film to explore.  What exactly happened that fateful Halloween night, and who were the people trapped inside the elevator when it crashed?  Although it’s a bit cheesy at times, it’s fun to meet the ghosts and watch as they work alongside some friendly humans to try and reverse the spell that killed them.  On the other hand, Abigail’s extreme reactions are a bit horrifying, and I’m not quite convinced she isn’t at least a bit crazy.  Despite that, the ending is sweet, and because a good chunk of this movie was filmed at the actual Walt Disney world attraction of the same name, there’s a feel of being at the park, and this more than makes up for any flaws you may find in this movie.


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