September 2016 Book Releases

Okay, so this is a little late, what with the first round of new books for this month having been released today.  But when your vacation is interrupted by a hurricane, things like blog posts get pushed down on the priorities list.


Seriously, though, I’ve had to deal with tropical storms two out of the three times I’ve been to Panama City Beach.  It’s not all that unpleasant until the evacuations start, but still. Two out of three times?  Maybe I need to find a new vacation spot. 


With the new school year starting, you’d think there’d be less time for reading, but what bookworm doesn’t have at least one book in their bag for when they get to class early or when their office-mates are all out?  Be honest–you know you’ve sneaked in a bit of reading when you were supposed to be working.  Sometimes a book is just too good to wait until you get home to read the next chapter…or to finish the book.

And with that in mind, here are this month’s new releases that will be sure to have you wishing your vacation had lasted just a bit longer:

Week of September 6 & Before:


Week of September 13:


Week of September 20:


Week of September 27:


As usual, if you’re looking forward to a release that didn’t make it on
my list, let me know and I’ll add it in.  Otherwise, enjoy the beginning of the fall season!  Also, there’s no shame in reading at football games.  Just make sure to clap when appropriate.


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