May 2016 Book Releases

Happy May Day, everyone!

Okay, sorry for that, but this type of humor is totally the
kind of thing that’s making me laugh right now.
I blame it on all the rain we’ve been having here in KY; slap-happiness
is a sign of cabin fever, right?
Right.  So is answering your own questions, Jordan.  Get it together.  

But the rain isn’t all that bad, since it means I don’t have
to feel guilyt about sitting around and reading instead of being out enjoying the
nice weather like all the people I see walking past outside my window.  I tell people it’s because I don’t have a dog
to walk with (my area is decidedly a dog-person area), but it’s really all
about the books.

I have, however, gotten really good at reading while I march
around my living room (gotta get those 10,000 steps per day!), and looking at
the releases for this month, that’s probably the more realistic form of
exercise I’m going to be getting, since I’m going to have my nose buried in a
book from here on out.  Hopefully you
guys will also be doing equally weird things some marathon reading this month
with some of these awesome new releases:

Week of May 3:

Week of May 10:

Week of May 17:

Week of May 24:

Week of May 31:

As usual, if you’re looking forward to a release that didn’t make it on
my list, let me know and I’ll add it in.  Otherwise, go find yourself a May pole to wind some ribbon around, and happy reading!


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