February 2016 Book Releases

Here it is, already February.  What happened to January? 

Obviously it’s buried under all that snow in the Midwest and the East Coast.  Or, for those of you who didn’t get snow, maybe it’s stuck in the sand somewhere or it simply disappeared under the glare of all that sunshine.

How I wish for more sunshine.

My point, however, is that we’ve already got 1/12th of 2016 under our belts, and a new month means new books.  Whether you end up with some free time on snow days or catching some rays on the beach, you’re definitely going to want to check out some of the fabulous titles hitting the shelves this month:

Week of February 2:


Week of February 9:


Week of February 16:


Week of February 23:


If you’re looking forward to a release that I didn’t include, let me
know and I’ll add it to the list.  Otherwise, happy reading as you celebrate Valentine’s Day! (Remember, books always make good presents, whether you buy them for your sweetheart or for yourself.)


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