2015 Book Releases

If you’re anything like me, the calendar on your phone is
filled not only with birthdays and important events, but with book
releases.  Yes, you read that
correctly.  Anytime I find a new book by
an author I like or that I think looks interesting, the release date is put
into my phone calendar; this gives me an easy place to find out what books have
been released recently whenever I get another Barnes & Noble or BAM!
coupon.  (I also have a photo album of
book cover art for older books to use whenever I hit up the used bookstore.  I am one step away from those people who
carry around barcode scanners so that they don’t buy a book they already have
while finding new books to buy.
)  Anyway,
with the number of upcoming books I’m interested in, my calendar is getting a
bit cluttered, and there are always issues when I try to put in the author’s
name as the location for the ‘event’ and, frankly, I just do not have the
patience to deal with hateful technology. 
With that in mind, I decided to make a master list of all the book
releases for the rest of the year.  I
should point out that this is simply a master list for me; that is, of all the books I looked at on Goodreads and Amazon
and various other Internet sites, these are the ones that I will read and, more
than likely, end up buying.  It is not by
any means a list of every book being
released in 2015, but it lets me see what books I’m looking forward to reading
in a much more convenient format.  So on
that note, here is the list (with hyperlinks to the Goodreads or Amazon page for each book): 

Recent Releases (Updated 12/7/15)


*The date given is for the paperback release of the book .

**Indicates the book is being rereleased with a new cover.

With such a mix of genres and authors, hopefully you’ll find something you’re interested in.  If you’re excited about a book that’s not on the list, let me know and I’ll throw it on for you.  (Maybe I’ll even find a few new authors whose work can pull me down the literary rabbit hole.)  Also, my monthly book reviews have all turned out to be a book that was released new that month, so it’s very likely that the rest of my reviews will come off this list (unless I find something really good that I just have to share); if you have any books in particular you’d like to see reviewed, send that my way as well.  And if there’s anything else you feel like sharing, I’d be happy to hear from you.  Until then, happy reading!


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