Pinterest, Reading, and the Upcoming “Insert Catchy Name Here” Monthly Book Review


My name is Jordan, and I am addicted to Pinterest.  If you haven’t heard of Pinterest (In which case, where on Earth have you been?  Were you even on Earth?), Pinterest is essentially the entire Internet organized into virtual bulletin boards based on whatever categories people decide to create.  Anything from classic cars to chocolate chip cookie dough dip (What do you use as the dipper, you ask?  More cookies, of course.) to Welcome to Night Vale-Doctor Who crossover fanart (Seriously, look it up).  Anything you’re looking for, someone has Pinned it.  Pinterest gives you a place to plan parties, geek out with your fellow fandom members, and find new book releases all in one convenient place.  The only downside is getting sucked down the rabbit hole and spending hours browsing through Pins, akin to losing time watching related videos on YouTube or clicking ‘Random Article’ on Wikipedia.  Nonetheless, if you haven’t experienced Pinterest, you should at least check it out, even if it’s just to see if I’m lying about the site’s greatness.

But I didn’t write this post just to extol the awesomeness that is Pinterest.  I mentioned that Pinterest is a great place to find new books on the off-chance that your “To Be Read” pile isn’t touching the ceiling and you don’t have more book release dates marked on your calendar than you have actual social events (which are highly overrated, trust me).  One of my (many) boards is “Books Sweet Books” (, where I pin everything related to my inner bibliophile- books I’m interested in, books I’ve read and want to share, my favorite literary quotes, book-related fanart…Well.  You get the idea.  Every self-respecting literature lover on Pinterest has a board like mine; some (myself included) even have boards for specific books or authors, so you can really drive someone crazy when you find a board of your favorite series and Pin every.  Single. Pin.  (Because nothing says, “Your fellow book lover is now your new Internet friend” than getting an email saying “Such-and-so repined 634 of your pins.”) 

While spending time browsing other people’s accounts, I’ve come across a number of boards dedicated to books people have read in the past year, along with links to reviews or to their preferred bookseller.  So now for the actual point of this post (you knew I’d get here eventually).  For the past three or four years, I’ve kept Post-Its with lists of the books I’ve read during each semester of school or during the breaks (I’m a perpetual student, sue me).  2015 dawned bright and sparkly, and with it came my resolution to transfer my reading lists online, with Pinterest being the obvious platform.  Another resolution was to write more consistently-at least 200 words a day, which turned into a few pages a day, which became write until I came to a stopping point in the scene.  14 days down, lots of shiny new words waiting to be incorporated into my novel-in-progress!  And then I had a thought: why not combine the two resolutions?  Thus, my “Insert Catchy Name Here” monthly book review was born.  (I’m obviously still working on that title.  I have until the end of the month to come up with something, and brainstorming sounds like a good plan for my day off on Monday.  Yay for planning ahead!)  The plan is this: to Pin every book I read this year to my Pinterest board ( and give each book a little blurb there.  At the end of each month, I’ll pick one of the books I’ve read during the past 30 or so days and do a full review here on my blog.  The board and the blog will link to one another so anyone interested in one can easily find the other.  My hope is that this will give at least a few people some insight into books they might be interested in adding to their reading pile.  If nothing else, it will let me keep track of what I’ve read without having to worry about losing my Post-Its and will give me some practice with a new form of writing, since I’ve never done reviews before. 

And that’s what I’ve got for now.  The link for my “Books I’ve Read-2015” board is above; I’ve already pinned the handful of books I’ve read so far this year, and I’ll be updating as I go.  Keep an eye out for my first monthly review (I’ve already got the book picked out, now I just have to read it.)  If anyone has any suggestions or wants more insight on any of the books, feel free to contact me either here or on Pinterest.  So TTFN, and happy reading!


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