Little Miss Disorganized

For a girl who is so organized in every other aspect of her life (seriously, all my movies and CDs are in alphabetical order and if I had the time, I would organize my lotions by type of scent), my writing is a mess.  I write some things in my notebook, some things get put in descriptions on Pinterest, and bits and pieces end up tucked in between notes on nucleotide synthesis and drug distribution in my school notebooks.  Seriously though.  I have just over 30,000 words from a mini-NaNo two years ago and 50,000 words from NaNo last year, not to mention all the extra stuff I’ve written between then and now.  But none of it is in order.   I don’t even think I’ve reread most of the things I wrote for NaNo last year, which means I may have entire scenes written that I don’t even remember.  It’s a bit ridiculous, and with November less than two weeks away, I really need to get my act together if there’s any hope of getting the first draft of my novel finished (maybe??) this year.  It also doesn’t help that some of the snippets and scenes I have written are for the as-now non-existent Books 2 and 3.  Sigh!  I don’t know if anyone else has this problem.  I try to plan, but it always seems that brain pulls a Lorelai Gilmore and I go from a touching apology scene to grave robbers and stone golems in under two seconds.   If I ever get everything pulled together, this book could be awesome.  It’s just the getting everything pulled together that’s the problem. 

And now, instead of going to work on this mess of a manuscript, I’m going to make cookies.  Because cookies make everything better.


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