I Am A Writer

I am a writer.  I am a master of words.  I create: places, characters, events.  Whole worlds flow from my fingertips.  Under my direction, random thoughts and flashes of inspiration become a path, a path that my characters walk down, a path that twists and turns and captivates until it creates a story.  And that story can be anything- a romance, a mystery, a paranormal/sci-fi adventure of total epicness.  My story is whatever I want it to be.  My story is mine to share with whomever I want, be that no one or the entire world.  My story can make people laugh, make people cry, make people throw things up against the wall.  My story can change lives.  Because I am a writer, and changing lives is what writing is all about.

(This is part of a cool blog series entitled: 15 Habits of Great Writers.  I totally missed the series when it was running, but I can see this being helpful.  Here’s a link in case anyone is interested: http://goinswriter.com/declare/ .  Day 1 is declaring that you’re a writer, so that’s what I did!)


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