The Pretty Pink Zombie-Killing Dress

I decided I was going to do a bunch of writing based on various story prompts, and here’s the first. Nothing great, just free-writing for about 20 minutes to come up with this piece based on the picture below. Honestly, though, I’m pretty pleased with it, even though I lost it and luckily found it saved in a secret file on my computer (talk about a mini-heart attack). So here’s my little short: The Pretty Pink Zombie-Killing Dress. Enjoy!

This was going to ruin my dress. I’d spent months picking it out, trying to find just the right shade of pink to match that pair of shoes I’d found at the vintage clothing shop on Broadway. And now that I was actually wearing the pretty pink creation, somebody up top had decided to play a cosmic joke and flip the switch on the zombie apocalypse. You might wonder why I was more concerned about ruining my clothes than having my skull bashed in and my brains scrapped out, but we’d all been training for this day for years. Welcome to Apollyon High, better known as Apocalypse High. On top of your basic math, science, and English, our required classes included wilderness survival, obstacle course running, and weapons training. Just the sort of thing everyone wants to do on a daily basis. Right now, I was rushing to the gym with a flood of other grim-faced girls, all of us throwing off stilettos and hiking up trailing skirts as we went. The bang of slamming lockers surrounded me as I reached my own blue box and twirled my lock. Yanking open the unlocked door, I pulled out my trusty battle axe. Literally. My best weapon was a long-handled axe, just as good for splitting skulls as it was for splitting logs. “I can’t believe we’re going to miss prom!” Cassie was whining again, her elaborate up-do falling as she yanked her electric blue quiver over her head. No surprise there. Tabitha smacked her on the back of the head and hefted her spear over one broad shoulder. “Aw, shut up,” she ordered unsympathetically. “We’re finally gonna see some real action!” Tabitha saw me watching her. “Bet I kill more walkers than you, Carson.” She pointed her spear in my direction, almost taking out two freshman as they ran into the locker room. One opened her mouth, but the words died before they reached her lips as Tabitha glared her down. She scurried after her friend and was lost in the crowd. “Whatever, Tabby,” I mocked, knowing she hated that name. Sure enough, her cocky smile turned sour, and she bared her teeth. “Bring it, shorty.” I spun my axe, reveling in the familiar weight in my hand. Slipping my feet into my combat boots, I weaved my way over to Tabitha and looked up at the girl hulking over me. “You ready?” I asked her. We may talk trash, but the truth was that Tabitha and I were partners. Had been for years. We always had each other’s backs, and there wasn’t a better pair of fighters at Apocalypse High. “Born ready. Let’s go.” She took off, pushing smaller, slower girls out of her way. I ran to keep up with her with my short legs and swirling skirt. Back into the gym we went and then out into the parking lot, where the fluorescent, overhead lights shone down on the first wave of walkers. They stumbled through the obstacle course, falling into spike-lined pits or tripping bursts of gunfire and flame. But there were too many, and it would be seconds before they reached the school itself. “Perfect ending to a boring night,” Tabitha said conversationally, completely at ease with the impending battle. “Oh, I don’t know. I could’ve gone for one more slow dance with Damien Waters.” Tabitha nudged me with her elbow, almost knocking me over with her enhanced strength. I stayed on my feet, barely, and tapped her in the ribs with the butt of my axe. She rubbed the spot absently and nailed me with a crazed look. “Forget Damien, Carson. It’s go-time.” And then she was off, roaring a wordless battle cry as she took on the front line of the walkers, decapitating four of them with a single swipe of her razor-sharp spear. Shaking my head, I smiled. Only Tabby would be this excited to fight undead monsters, and her passion was infectious. I erased all thoughts of my pretty pink dress and Damien Waters from my mind, and threw myself into the fray.


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