For many authors and aspiring writers, November is NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month.  The goal?  Write 50,000 words in one month.  This is equivalent to approximately a 175 page novel in 30 days. 

This may seem like a pretty daunting task (and it is), but many people worldwide participate each year.  I considered taking part last year but just couldn’t devote that much time, as I was too busy writing about that many pages for my various courses so that I could graduate on time! 

This year, however, one of my wonderful author friends is running KazNoWriMo-Kaz Novel Writing Month. It’s the same idea, but the goal is 30,000 words instead of 50k.  That’s 1000 words, or roughly 4 manuscript pages, a day.  After my newfound realization, I’m an totally making the most of this opportunity this year.  30k?  That’s totally reasonable, even with the numerous projects and papers I have to work on before the end of the semester. 

The shindig starts tomorrow morning, although I won’t get to write until tomorrow night after work and class.  If anyone else is interested, here are links for both NaNoWriMo and KazNoWriMo. 



So if I’m absentee from Facebook this month or I don’t answer my phone or emails, just be aware that I’m writing, my fingers frantically typing away late into the night, the clacking of keys accompanied by my extensive iTunes library.  I haven’t decided what story I’m working on, but I’m leaning towards one I’ve barely started.  Ideas for this one keep bugging me, and I keep finding inspiration for it everywhere, so it’ll probably be the one for my KazNo goal.  (FYI, it’s about a girl who can see how people died, a guy who refuses to stay dead, and mysterious paranormal disappearances that the two must work together to solve). 

So less than 12 hours to Day 1. Wish me luck!


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