And so it goes

Today I’m trying something called free-writing, which means I’m just typing whatever pops into my head, stream-of-consciousness style.  Here goes:

So it’s the first day of September.  That means fall should be right around the corner, correct?  Well someone needs to tell Ma Nature that so she can turn off the furnace.  I’m a warm-weather gal, but these temperatures are really starting to make me hate summer. 

The confusion in my life hasn’t really cleared up at all, but I guess that’s the way it goes.  I really have no right to complain; I’ve pretty much lived a charmed life up until this point, and this might not even turn out badly, so I should probably just shut up.  But I don’t like being confused and I really don’t like being blown off and strung along, so somebody better get on that.  If that somebody has to be me, I guess I’ll do what has to be done, but I’d rather that somebody would just get their act together and grow up.  No one wants a wishy-washy boyfriend.

I’m really ready for it to be Halloween.  No, I don’t dress up and trick-or-treat, and I don’t really ever go to any parties, I just like the holiday in general.  I like the weather, I love the scary movie marathons, and I love all the candy on sale.  Plus it gives me an excuse to wear my witch’s hat around my apartment.  Not that I don’t do that just for fun anyway, but at least I have a reason.  And after Halloween, we can just skip straight to Christmas.  No one really wants Thanksgiving; people complain about eating too much and having to visit family that they don’t really want to see.  Granted, the same thing happens at Christmas, but at least then you get presents, um, I mean, snow? 

I really should go study for my Mammalogy quiz tonight.  Grad school is pretty boring so far.  This quiz is on the dog skull.  I’ll ace it.  The most interesting thing so far is that my one professor is 83 years old, and we’re all waiting for him just to keel over during lecture one day.  It’d be a bit shocking, mind you, but hopefully we’d all get A’s out of the course.


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