Music and Research

Research is hard.  At least, research for my stories seems to be difficult.  It probably doesn’t help that I’m looking up multiple topics: Salem witch trials, famous heists, the tv show “Tru Calling,” and self-experimentation in the medical field.  I swear, my brain probably looks like Dr. Seuss in Wonderland right now: yep, pure crazy.  And on top of that, I’m looking for music to go along with each topic.  The heist music is coming along best right now; I’ve pulled songs from the Ocean’s films, National Treasure, even Inception.  The medical stuff, though… well, people just don’t write songs about medicine, at least not ones that fit what I’m looking for.  It’s all a WIP right now (that’s “Work In Progress” for those who were confused), but we’ll see where it goes.  If only my guinea pig would get back to me about the craziness I’ve shared, I’d have a better starting point… Music and research: not quite as exciting as music and lyrics. 

Your daily words of wisdom: Sometimes you have to be your own hero.


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