Silent in spite of screaming

Sometimes, I feel like no matter how loudly I speak (which is quite loud), no one hears me.  This is one of those times.  When you leave the decision up to me, agree with my decision, but then get mad at me later for what I decided, it makes me angry.  What’s worse is that you’re mad because of some reason that you didn’t bother to inform me of when you asked for my decision.  Hello!! It’s not my fault; you didn’t give me the whole story!  Then to top it all off, when I work everything out and solve the problem so that everyone involved can participate in the activity that said decision was needed for, you get angrier still and refuse to adapt to the new plan!  Does anyone think this is ridiculous?  And to make everything better, the activity is my birthday dinner.  Don’t you think I should get the final say in what happens as it is my birthday?  And when you insist that we must do things as a “family,” how come I can’t get out of the occasion but the other child can, simply because she’s “had these plans for, like, forever?"  Not exactly fair, I think.  Maybe you disagree.  Feel free to let me know.


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